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Project Description
EzWPF privides common WPF utilities including converters & behavior factories so you don't have to re-work !

The project is developed in C# with .Net Framework 4.0

Providing Utilties:
  • JavaLongToDateConverter: Helps you converting a Long from Java Date into C# DateTime
  • UrlToImageConverter: Helps you converting a image from http to xaml view, binding is also working!
  • Control-Event to Command Factory: Helps you binding WPF control events into ICommand objects, which allows you to remove most all code-behindes and writing them in ViewModel when you're using a MVVM design pattern. LoadedEvent of following controls are implemented
    • Button, CheckBox, ComboBox, ContentControl, DataGrid, DatePicker, Expander, ItemsControl, ListBox, ListView, Menu, Password, Popup, Progress, TabControl, TextBlock, TreeView, WebBrowser.
    • Some of them comes with ClickEvent or SelectionChangedEvent. You can put your own event into the code or enharitent them.

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